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Spare Key Services

We can make replacement keys for 90% of car and van models. All Key Solutions is the leading Auto Locksmith company in Central Scotland. We guarantee the quality. Our experts work for you 24/7. If you need a spare car key, no matter where you are, just give us a call.

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  • Our offices are open 24/7 so you will always have someone to talk to.
  • Our locksmiths are experts at what they do and receive more training every day in doing what they love.
  • We cover over 100 different car models. Making us available to service almost any vehicle!

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Spare Key Services in Central Scotland

We know how frustrating it can be to lose your only key. Has your partner taken your key by mistake? Do you need your vehicle but have left your keys at a friend’s house? Have you lost or damaged your only key? Here at All Key Solutions, we are able to provide you a spare key quickly and efficiently so the only issue you have to be dealing with is picking which first class, fully operational key you use for your vehicle.


Across Glasgow every year we have hundreds of customers who lose their one and only key and require an emergency replacement. We always recommend owning a spare key, mainly due to the number of unforeseen circumstances we see and hear every day of people damaging keys, losing keys or their key batteries dying/keys not working. It is also more expensive and is a longer process to cut a completely new key rather than copying an already existing key to create you a spare key.


How Quickly can you help me?

If you are in the market for a spare key here at All Key Solutions, we can help you! To get a quote on a spare key you can simply call our friendly support team, they will then ask for your vehicle make, the style of key you currently own and your location across Glasgow. Our support team will then be able to locate one of our many qualified locksmiths across Glasgow and Edinburgh who is closest to your location. We will work quickly to ensure that our locksmiths can arrive to you as soon as they can to be able to get you the spare key you need and allow you to get back on with your day.


If it is an emergency service you require, no worries. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across the year. On the other hand, if you would like to book in a time that suits you for us to deliver you a spare key we can do that as well. Whether you’re at home or at work we can get your spare key to you. Our friendly support team will simply ask when works best for you and get your spare key delivered directly to you.


We train all of our fully qualified locksmiths internally. This is important for us so we know that all of our locksmiths are trained in most up to date tools and technologies as well as being able to provide you the best possible service.


Newer keys also need to be coded to ensure they work for your vehicle. Here at All Key Solutions even if you lose your key we are able to decode the key so even if it falls into someone else’s hands the key would be completely voided. Our locksmiths will be able to code your spare key to ensure it works as well and naturally as your current key, leaving you one only one choice. Do you use your existing key or your fresh spare key for your next drive?