Car key programming

in Glasgow and around Central Scotland

Programming Car Keys in Central Scotland

Car Key Programming

For over 25 years (since 1995) all vehicles in the UK require an immobiliser to be fitted so having your car’s key programmed to its optimal level is imperative. For the immobiliser system to work the transponder key is fitted with an electronic chip, the car only starts if the ignition then receives the correct code when the key is turned. We are also able to help you if your vehicle is pre 1995 with our full trained locksmiths able to bring you a newly cut key. Here at All Key Solutions, we are able to cover the whole of Glasgow to be able to support any of your car key programming issues.

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Car Key Programming Central Scotland

If your electronic car or van key is lost or stolen, we have the ability to be able to access your car key’s programming to void its use, meaning if your keys end up in the wrong hands, they won’t be usable. All of our locksmiths are trained with the most up to date equipment and practices to ensure that no matter the make, model or age of your vehicle we will be able to help you regain access and drive to your destination in Glasgow the same day. If you have a spare/new key we are also able to set up the programming for this key and ensure, as is the case with newer vehicles, that your anti-theft system is also in place and functional.


Key Fob Programming

If you have a damaged or broken key fob this could cause issues such as the doors not being able to open or the vehicle itself not being able to start. At All Key Solutions we are also able to provide roadside assistance to repair broken key fobs or be able to provide you a new fob. Our trained locksmiths will be able to reprogramme a new key for your vehicle and be able to get you back on your way again the same day.


Can I program the key myself?

The short answer is we wouldn’t recommend it! A very limited amount of keys/key fobs can be programmed without vehicle diagnostics. Our fully trained locksmiths also have years of training and will have encountered this problem hundreds of times, ensuring the service we provide is as speedy and as thorough as possible.


Why Car Key Solutions?

Here at Car Key Solutions we train all of our locksmiths in house to ensure they are knowledgeable in the most up to date practices and provide you the best service possible. We are also open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the whole year, meaning whenever you have an issue with your key and vehicle, regardless of where you are in Central Scotland we will be able to help you.