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At All Key Solutions we provide the best service and solutions for you, our customers. With over a decade of experience within the industry we offer a number of services including, car key programming, car key replacement, new car keys, automatic locksmith services and car locksmith services across Glasgow, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also provide a mobile service, meaning we can come directly to your location and help you quickly and efficiently. As well as the immediate services we provide, we are also able to book in a time and location which suits you best.

Car Key Programming in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee

If your electronic car or van key is lost or stolen, we have the ability to access your car key’s programming to void its use, making it unusable in the wrong hands. If you have a spare/new key we are also able to set up the programming of the key for your you and to ensure, especially as is the case with newer cars, that your unique anti-theft system is in place. We are also able to provide roadside assistance to repair the likes of broken key fobs or provide you with a new one.


Car Key Replacement and New Car Keys service in Central Scotland

With our vast array of car and van key stock, we are able to provide you with non-remote and remote keys for your vehicle.
With our 24/7 mobile services, we can deliver you a new car key when you need it the most. As well as brand new car and van keys, in the majority of circumstances we can also fix broken car keys. Anything from snapped keys to key blades being lost, our fully trained locksmiths will ensure your key will look and perform as good as new.

Auto locksmith in Scotland

We know accidents can happen all the time regarding people and their keys. From being locked in cars and vans, keys being broken, to keys disappearing, our locksmiths have seen and solved it all. At All Key Solutions we train of our locksmiths in-house, with the latest knowledge of new vehicles and key types, meaning the age or type of your car isn’t an issue in how we can help you. Our locksmiths are also trained to be able to extract keys without locks or doors being damaged. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best solution to your individual enquiry.


Do you have a key problem across Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee? We at All Key Solutions can help! To get a quote for the service you require please call us on 01413759238 or email us at